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  • House System:

    The entire school is divided into four houses viz, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Inter house competition are held every Saturday. Debates, extempore, Draw/craft, Dramatics, dance, singing competitions are conducted. Details of these are provided in school calendar so as to help the students in keeping track of various events/activities scheduled to take place throughout the session.

  • We Nurture:

    The Central Academy endeavors to shape the all round personality of students by offering manifold opportunities for participating in various curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. There is a persistent drive to create an atmosphere where the mind is without fear and students are encouraged to take full advantage of the various facilities and supports provided by the Academy. We seek to foster their innate abilities and talents and to this end a number of such activities are organized at all level, mainly pre-primary, primary, secondary and senior secondary.

    Full care is taken to foster linguistic skills so as to render the children fluent in both English and Hindi. In this age of globalization with rapidly advancing technology, it is essential to inculcate in the students, a feeling of curiosity and commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and to impart to them a sense of discipline and dedication. Training the child in various skills is germane to enabling him/her to become a responsive citizen.

    Excellence in education constitutes our main objective. Systematic training and synergetic development of the young children is the ideal we pursue. There are no boundaries to knowledge and no barriers to the flight of the human spirit. Horizons roll as back as the human mind reaches for the skies. That is in fact the ultimate goal we seek to reach in our endeavors.

  • We Provide:

    • Ideal teacher pupil ratio.
    • Regular interaction of teachers with parents.
    • Innovative approach to teaching.
    • Researched, planned and balanced curriculum.
    • Indoor & outdoor activities competitions including yoga, art, music and games.
    • Regular assessment and Evaluation of students.

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