Atal Tinkering Lab

The highly ambitious and epoch changing National Education Policy-2020 has been approved by the Ministry of Education. It is evident that the impetus of new Education policy is on the accentuation of Laboratory Based Learning and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Our school can boastfully claim that we are successfully treading on the National Education Policy-2020 and already carved a niche for the Institution.

The illuminating aspect of this policy and the ambitious project under the aegis of ATAL INNOVATION MISSION, NITI AYOG, NEW DELHI was inaugurated in Jan 2020 by Dr Unnat Pandit, Programme Director, ATAL INNOVATION MISSION. This Hi-tech sophisticated Laboratory is a heaven for the STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics] aspiring students. It provides them accessibility with the best latest updated technological tools and innovative skills to practice and learn.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is the key and the most pivotal aspect of the new knowledge juggernaut and in the New Education Policy it is evident as ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE has been made compulsory subject. ATAL TINKERING LAB is the apt place for this as it provides congenial ambiance for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. The lab has all the necessary instruments with hi-tech technological inputs for the development of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE skills.

Features of the lab:

  • To promote a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Dedicated work space for 50 students at a time
  • High configuration laptop for graphics designing and coding
  • Aerospace wing for drone development
  • Mechanical tool kits for automobile development
  • High speed internet
  • Audio visual study
  • Prototyping tools such the 3D printer
  • Tools for robotics, electronics development

Achievements in the Area of ROBOTICS (under the aegis of ATAL TINKERING LAB):

  • Rajasthan Regional ROBOCOP Junior Competition
  • Indian Robocop Junior Competition held on 1st Dec 2019 at Kapil Gyanpeeth Jaipur.
  • Our School Team got Third Position and Qualified for National.
  • Our Team Participated in Indian Robocop Competition held on 20 January at Bangalore.
  • Teams Participated in ATL Space Challenge 2021, Competition organize by Niti Aayog in collaboration with Indian Research Space organization (ISRO) and CBSE.
  • Teams Participate in Young Scientist India Award 2021-22.