Secretary’s Message

Mr. Aarush T N Mishra

Central Academy endeavors to strike a balance between state of the art infrastructure and nationally acceptable education. Further the school inculcates in the scholars, a respect for traditions, all living beings, nature and environment and ensures discipline, good manners, honesty, integrity, confidence and commitment.

We allow our scholars to experience, explore and experiment through various skills that he possesses. We also encourage them to innovate and invent. We chisel them into competitive, empathetic, optimistic, accountable and resilient individuals who will strive hard to achieve success in their careers.

We contribute to nation building by imparting knowledge and wisdom to our scholars. We are firm believers of principles and promote our scholars to be one. We aim to be an excellent concoction of academics, modern science, culture and sports.

Mr. Aarush T N Mishra
Central Academy Education Society Ajmer