“Education is the kindling of a Flame, not the filling of a vessel”
These immortal words said by the Great Greek philosopher succinctly encapsulate the vision of our Institution. As this reflects in our School’s motto.
“Education is A Candle Which Enlightens The Society” – We Ignite This Candle.

Coat of Arms:

  • Our motto “Virtue is knowledge” is a Socratic dictum, which is thrust upon the pupils that whoever is virtuous is knowledgeable.
  • The Veena & the Kamal signify the Goddess of wisdom.
  • The Book signifies opening up new vistas of knowledge.
  • The lamp is the spectrum of multidimensional energy and the sun signifies new wave, inspiration and untiring endeavour.
  • The inset blue colour projects unfathomable depths of sky and ocean.
  • The red colour speaks of the forward motion towards the goal.
  • The base golden colour represents dedication to cause and sincerity of purpose.
  • The outermost green covering speaks of the conserving of environment which is the need of all lives.