President’s Message

Dr. Shobha Suman Mishra

Central Academy is taking new strides and is successfully opening new vistas and horizons for the holistic development for each of its student and for the newcomers. We strive to understand and fulfill the individual needs of each and every learner. Teaching is a dynamic innovative and challenging facet specially the School teaching as we nurture a wide range of generation which ranges from toddlers to the teens as the School is providing Education to students from Class KG to XII.

With our rich legacy of excellence in Education and innovative approaches our bird eye view is to develop among each of our student the qualities of Self-Discipline, Confidence, Psychological, Physical, Social, Spiritual and Emotional growth. As it is said that Every Child is Special, so we ardently focus on the development of inherent talent and latent qualities of each child by organising various co-curricular and curricular activities at all the levels of Classes. Simultaneously accentuation is given on honing the linguistic skills of students both at the writing and communication levels in English and Hindi. Teachers in any academic institution are the most pivotal chord in achieving the objectives and aims set. Our Faculty Members from Pre Primary to Senior Secondary Level are selected through a meticulous process therefore we have expert Team of Faculty members who are well qualified and updated on the recent trends of the Curriculum. Their knowledge and optimistic energy with innovative approaches is indeed reflected in the development of the child and the institution. Child Development is a Three Dimensional Concept as it is based on these three Pillars- Student-School-Parents, following this dictum we synchronize and well inform the parents about all the aspects and activities of the school through regular Parents Teachers Meeting, letters, notices and telephonic SMS.

Our sole objective is that when a Child accomplishes Education from our School and is on the threshold of the materialistic cut throat competition life ahead which is challenging, rigorous and proving your abilities daily, the Education and the values which we inculcate immensely will help each of our Student to overcome these hurdles in their path of success and glory.

Dr Shobha Suman Mishra
Central Academy Education Society Ajmer