Late Pt. T N Mishra

Our Founding Father Late Pt. T N Mishra, a personality par excellence, educationist and social worker, was born in the village of Bhatnipar in the district of Gorakhpur, U.P. on 16 Dec 1942. His father was Late Janardhan Mishra & Mother Late Prabha Devi. He was always a prodigious personality, so determined, that he took upon himself and began his journey towards achieving his goals.

This young man’s vision is what we are living on this day. A vision of social welfare, pursued through the dissemination of education. He believed in the dictum of Sarvapalli Radha Krishnan, on whose birth anniversary we have gathered today, that education must make a child a good human being first and foremost and then a worthy scholar. Such beliefs and thoughts, became the foundations over which the great empire of Central Academy Chain of Schools was laid. On the grounds this unflinching confidence and determination that he the first Central Academy was established in 1973 at Jaipur. After this, the man of sheer resolve, our founder, never looked back. The small sapling sowed by him, grew and blossomed, and has become today a tall and mighty tree, nourishing all, who have to come to it. Today, this Organization provides education to more than a lakh students, work to thousands of people through the 100+ schools it has realised into. If he wanted, he could have progressed into many other ventures, but, his duty, values and profound beliefs of service of society, made sure that he give his blood and sweat towards imparting education to the masses. He believed that, the kind of nobility, benevolence, patriotism and service that is there in education, is nowhere else. A thought that reverberates throughout the ethos of our culture and heritage. This was the persona of our founder, a humble yet powerful identity, a beautiful mix that is reserved for only the greats.

Through the course of this journey, he laid the foundation of another tree when he founded Central Academy Ajmer in 1988. That plant has stood tall in its own right, with the strong roots of our founder Pt. T N Mishra and the able nurturing of our beloved President Dr Shobha Suman Mishra. This union has created an Organization, so strong that it has carved an enviable niche for itself and has marched on with the vision and mission of our founding father.

Today we represent three ever evolving branches of this tree, with Central Academy Ajmer, Central Academy Kekri and Central Academy Teacher’s Training College, which, today is playing its part in carrying on the legacy. He truly was our guiding lamp, and now he is shining as a bright star leading us into the future. a future, that we are and we will carve through his philosophy. No quantum of words, nor any amount of reverence, can perfectly encapsulate the greatness that the man was. But through our small expressions, we pay our sincere respect to you.