A transport facility for bringing and leaving the students nearest to their homes on the specified routes is available. Those who do not want to avail of the transport facility must intimate at the time of admission. The children are not allowed to change their buses without seeking permission from the authorities. There is a transport in charge to look into the transport facilities. The students in the buses are accompanied by teachers and attendants to ensure their safety.

Each bus is well equiped with water campers, Medical kit and fire extinguishers. The drivers are strictly prohibited to use their mobiles while driving and the attendants ensure that each and every student embarks safely from the bus. The School has added two Wingers and one Qualis to its large fleet which are fully air conditioned and equipped with audio - video facility. These wingers drop the little ones right upto the doorsteps.

All students availing of the school bus must ensure that they maintain discipline in and out of the bus or they may be deprived of this facility. Transport is a facility extended to the students of the school and is not a matter of right. The school reserves the right to add/alter or withdraw this facility on any of the routes with due notice to the parents. The routes can also be changed in case of repair of roads etc. by the civic authorities and no advance notice may be given to the students/parents in this regard. Such changes will remain operative till the time when the road is declared open and safe by the authorities.

Students who discontinue the school bus in the middle of the session may not get the privilege again for the calendar year. The transport fee will not be refunded at any stage. It may be possible that the students applying late for the transport facility are denied the bus facility due to lack of space in the bus. Moreover, it is not possible to add a new bus on a route because it is not economical to run the bus with a few students.

Transport Facility

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