Whatever Action is performed by Great Man Common Men Follow aHis Footsteps.
The Greatest Man is He Who Chooses the Right with Invincible Resolution.
Who bears the Harshest Times and Heaviest Burdens Cheerfully.
Who is Calmest in Storms and Most Fearless Under Troubles and Animosity.
Epitome of Truth, Virtue and Simplicity And Whatever Standards He sets by Exemplary Acts All the World Pursues.
Death is Inevitable For The Body Body just Covering For Mind Mind Creates Dreams and Thinking It is Transcendental.
Oh Our Eternal Support and Faith You Are Our Mentor.
Guiding Our Ideas, Actions and Deeds To Receive Bountiful Rewards.
Many Tests Came Our Way From The Heavenly Abode, You Showed Right Way.
We Enjoy This Blissful and Prosper Life Guided by Your Charming and Divine Smile In Our Growth and Success, Lies the Reflection Of Your Sacred Vision and Dedication.
We Will Always Cherish Your Loving Memories Tears roll Out From Our Eyes and fills Hearts.
We Still Feel Your Presence Around That gives us Strength and Courage to Tread on Path.
We Bow Our Head Solemnly For Your Wisdom, Affection, Guidance and Love We Pledge To Sustain Your Values and Legacy For Eternity.








“Education is a regulation of the process of coming to share in the social consciousness and that the adjustment of the individual activity on the basis of this social consciousness is the only sure method of social reconstruction “. John Dewey

These lines said by the Great American Philosopher and Educational reformer succintly and comprehensively highlight the significance of Education and Teaching in Society.

Being the Principal of a coveted institution it is indeed a subject of sheer resposibility, diligence and dedication. Teaching is the most unique and innovative profession hence for a Teacher it is indispensable to be innovative simultaneously expert in his/her respective subjects.

We are living in the world of Information and Technology it is becoming more challenging and innovative. In this vast ocean of knowledge and information where the nascent minds are becoming overexposure to the influx of knowledge and technology we are dealing with the most vulnerable group of the Society so our job is indeed complex and challenging.



This immortal line said by the Great Greek Philosopher succinctly and aptly summarizes the significance of Education and the primary goal behind the set up of any Academic Organization.

Following this dictum we are striving hard and indeed on the hindsight can be analyzed that we have been successful in following this dictum.


The sapling was small and nascent but the aspirations were high, inception was in the Year 1988 at Lohagal road Ajmer with the foundation stone laid by the Great Maverick Pt. TN Mishra. Sagacity and honesty resulted in prolific success and then we achieved a milestone in the Year 2004 by opening a new vista Central Academy shifted to a spectacular new building free from the hustle bustle and the pollution of the City to the beautiful viccinity of Aravallis and the serene tranquil atmosphere at Kotra.


2009 was a momentous Year as we gained a big momentum by getting affiliation from CBSE, New Delhi. Then as it is said there was no looking back, Central Academy is taking new strides and is successfully opening new vistas and horizons for the holistic development for each of its student and the newcomers. We strive to understand and fulfill the individual needs of each learner. Teaching is a dynamic, innovative and challenging facet specially the School Teaching as we nurture a wide range of generation which covers the Toddlers to the Teens as we are providing Education to the Students from Class KG to XII.


With our rich legacy of Excellence in Education and innovative approaches our bird eye view is to develop among each of our Student the qualities of Self Discipline, Confidence, and Psychological, Physical, Social and Spiritual and Emotional growth.

Dr Shobha Suman Mishra

“Education is the kindling of a flame not the filling of a vessel”


The ultimate goal, vision and Mantra of our Organization is that Education is A Candle which Enlightens The Society We Ignite this Candle

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    Our endeavor is to achieve not only excellent academic results but also to produce responsible citizens and good human beings capable of creating a peaceful, prosperous and user friendly social environment through Inter cultural understanding and mutual respect for each other.

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    Following Dictum of the First VicePresidentand an eminent Educationist Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan

    “ Education must make a child a good human beings first and foremost, and then a worthy scholar’’.

    With this solemn pledge was laid the foundation of Central Academy Ajmer in 1988 at Lohagal road. Later with the huge success, the Year 2004 became a milestone as a new building was inaugurated as Central Academy Pragati Nagar Kotra, Ajmer. Our other branches are at Central Academy Kekri running successfully.