Late PT . Shri T. N. Mishra


Gently Flickering Light RESPECTFUL             HOMAGETO OUR REVERED FOUNDER                   PT . Shri T. N. Mishra

Whatever Action is performed by Great Man Common Men Follow His Footsteps

The Greatest Man is He Who Chooses the Right with Invincible Resolution

Who bears the Harshest Times and Heaviest Burdens Cheerfully

Who is Calmest in Storms and Most Fearless Under Troubles and Animosity

Epitome of Truth,Virtue and Simplicity And Whatever Standards He sets by Exemplary Acts All the World Pursues

Death is Inevitable For The Body Body just Covering For Mind Mind Creates Dreams and Thinking It is Transcendental

Oh Our Eternal Support and Faith You Are Our Mentor

Guiding Our Ideas,Actions and Deeds To Receive Bountiful Rewards

Many Tests Came Our Way From The Heavenly Abode,You Showed Right Way

We Enjoy This Blissful and Prosper Life Guided by Your Charming and Divine Smile In Our Growth and Success,Lies the Reflection Of Your Sacred Vision and Dedication

We Will Always Cherish Your Loving Memories Tears roll Out From Our Eyes and fills Hearts

We Still Feel Your Presence Around That gives us Strength and Courage to Tread on Path

We Bow Our Head Solemnly For Your Wisdom,Affection,Guidance and Love We Pledge To Sustain Your Values and Legacy For Eternity


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new year session

new year session is opening in this july with full of energy and bunch of new student and with all our students who are the main part of the school