26, April, the Date is significant as it is the Birthday of our Honourable President Ma’am for which is celebrated as Central Academy’s Management Day. Inception of this benign Day is from the benevolence Charity towards the deprived Section of the society by distributing Fruits, Clothes and necessary items by Ma’am, Students and Teachers in the slums. Evening incepted on a emotional and poignant note as there was unveiling of plaque attributing to our Founding Father PT. T N Mishra which filled the eyes moist of all the members present there especially Ms Neha Mishra, daughter of President Ma’am came specially from out of town to attend the function. As president mam always shows at most affection and care for the kindergarden students so on this special day donated a bunch of attractive toys to the denobile section of the school The Evening was enthralling with a Mesmerising cultural function which included beautiful performances of Dance by the Teachers, a comedy Play enacted by the Principal Sir and Teachers made the Audience filled with laughter. Orchestra with their swooning and mellifluous performances made the Evening more mesmerising. The cake cutting ceremony culminated the evening with moments of laughter and joys.